Coming to a Town Square Near You!

  Now that the NOVA markers are done, it's time to move on to my own projects... and I am feeling really motivated, really! :)

  Before starting my colossal LW Brit Army, I wanted to tidy up loose ends. Those include adding snow and mud effects to my Bulge-era US troops, completing a third winter US Rifle platoon, 8 bazookas, a HMG platoon and the HMG Jeeps with trailers.

  I am also making some terrain pieces to add ambience/cover to any FoW town square or park. I've come up with some monuments topped with WWI French soldier statues & fountains. (The water wasn't set up in the photo of the fountain). The wooden bits were very inexpensive craft pieces sold at a national arts & crafts supply retailer. The chain is Gale Force 9. The French figures are 1/72 Airfix WWI French Infantry (A01728). I painted the French figures a base coat of black, followed by Citadel Tin Bitz (61-58), then given a patina wash of cheap "Craftsmart" Sage Green, with a few tiny white dots of pigeon poop for good measure.


  1. That looks great. Nice addition for your town.

  2. Good lord, those monuments are very nicely done! I think I will steal your idea. :)

  3. The monuments look great, what a cool idea. Pieces like that really take a table to a higher level.

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