One Down...

three to go! While I'm nearly finished with with the mid-war LRDG objective marker, I've run into a hurdle. I need a least one bare-chested desert-uniformed Brit to complete it. While I'm halfway decent at kit-bashing & modifying models, I don't think I'll be able to model a figure from scratch. Also, I hate buying a whole blister for one or two figures.

Moving on to the pretty pics that you logged in to look at in the first place... I call this one, "Look out, comrade!", as the tank crewman has knocked over a bucket of white paint on top of the turret. As always, your comments & critiques are welcome! More to follow on the remaining three.



NOVA OPEN Objective Marker Progress

First things, first... I'm still alive. I haven't had much time recently for gaming projects, and any posts I've made have been to my "Rhinexing" account on YouTube. So my apologies to those of you that like to follow my blog more frequently.

Here are a few work-in-progress shots of the four custom objective markers that I have been asked to create for the NOVA Open Gaming Tournament once again this year. The two more complete ones pictured are mid-war themed, while the remaining two will be late war. The late war markers will utilize the the American GMC truck and the German Maultier at which I have been carving away. You'll have to wait for the next installment for any more clues about the final diarama!

The early T-34 will be shown getting a down and dirty field snow camo paint job. The comrade on the ground is applying his white paint with a mop! The tank has been slightly modified by drilling out the turret so the hatches could be placed in the open position. The soldier with the mop is modified from carrying a Soviet banner.

The LRDG team are taking a much-needed rest at an oasis they have discovered. The "beach" scene will be completed with an umbrella and blankets. The Ford V8 was modified by removing the tailgate and making a new one from plasticard. I placed it in an open position and added chains from GF9. A rolled tarp made from green stuff was added to the rear storage bin.

That's all for now!