OP Sherman Update -1

Prior to priming the OP Sherman and the third and last P-38 of my flight, I decided to add a tow cable to the tank. I used the same 26 gauge wire mentioned in my previous post for the cable, and created eye ends using green stuff. I also added an additional musette bag hanging from the tow cable. Once glued in place, I scored the wire with an X-acto to add detail.

The P-38 required a good bit of prep work. There was a good bit of flash on the model as well as several casting defects. I repaired the worst defect on the port wing with green stuff.

The next post in the series will include the first dry brushing. Cheers!


A rare behind the scenes look... LOL!

I'm really terrible about taking "work-in-progress" shots, skipping to the final product. I thought I would remedy that by blogging along the way while completing my Artillery Observation Sherman Tank. For variety I went with an M4 (welded hull), as opposed to the M4A1's (cast hull) that make up my Medium Tank Platoon. This will help me distinguish the observation tank from the others easily.

For starters, I used a spare figure from another blister for the tank commander. I repositioned his arms and head. After the kit was assembled, I went to work with my normal detailing. I used a piece of 26 gauge wire for the hull MG. This is available on spools at most craft or sewing stores. I may fashion a tow cable out of it as well. The wooden timber on the front is a thinned down toothpick. The crates are made from a wooden coffee stir. I used green stuff to fix a defect in the gun mantlet casting, and to make the camo netting, bed rolls and musette bags. The holes in the camo netting are made with the gum massage part of an old toothbrush, and enhanced with the tip of an X-acto.

More to come...

Please let me know what you think!


Air Support!

I'm still waiting on my third P-38 to complete my flight, but here are the two I have so far. The planes are not Battlefront models, but are metal 1-piece models from Command Decision Miniatures. I have painted the planes to represent post-Overlord. The invasion stripe top surfaces were often removed or painted over. Everything is hand-painted, including the plane's names. The P-38's did not include flight stands, so I made a few of my own design. I used large, heavy washers, styrene sheet, aluminum tube & scenery materials. Please post feedback... enjoy!