24-Hr. Iron Painter... & I'm Off!

I announced in my last post that I would be participating in my first marathon painting competition. My biggest challenge won't be staying awake, or even keeping a steady hand; It will come in the form of my bad back. I'm not sure that my back is up to the challenge. We'll see!

Just need to prime these before I head out.

In an attempt to break up the monotony, I'm going to post progress pics of my army throughout the 24-hr. competition. Check back for updates & wish me luck!

2 Hours In... doesn't look like much.
@ 4.5 hours... all bases base coated & now painting overcoats
9 hours in - OD layer ( helmets, field jackets, etc.)


My First Iron Painter Competition & Projects Out the Wazoo

I have entered my first ever miniature painting competition. And it so happens that it's a 24-hr. straight endurance event taking place a few days before Christmas. While It's not my regular gaming store, www.dropzone-games.com, they are well-stocked & have an excellent gaming space & work stations.

The Battlefront models have the early turrets, (without MG shield). I modified several of mine with green stuff to replicate the shield that was so common on US Stuarts in Europe. I also added, chain, crates, bedrolls, etc. that I made to customize each one.

I will have 24-hrs. to paint the company HQ & combat platoons of a Flames of War company of my choice. Since my Combat Engineers are already well underway, I had to come up with something completely new. I'll be painting US Rifle Platoons & Company HQ from Devil's Charge, along with a platoon of M5A1 Stuart Light tanks that I received for my birthday. Since Stuarts are my favorite tank of WWII, & EVERYONE is currently fielding Chaffees, these little fellas will be a nice way to show some versatility in my abilities. While I'm pretty satisfied with the end result of my work, I'm no speed painter! I'm not sure how this will turn out.

I'm now attempting to wrap up my engineers & clear the workbench so I can prep & prime my forces for the Iron Painter.

Regards... Rhinexing


Combat Engineer Company Continued

So here's where the 1940's meet the 21st
century. I just got my first smart phone, & thought I'd share a few pics of my progress on engineers. They still need shading, highlights, snow & flock... so be kind.


US Forces from Devil's Charge

I have been working on Winter terrain & forces out of Devil's Charge. The first pics I have to share are the support vehicles for my Combat Engineer Company. Please share your thoughts & critiques. Enjoy!


Fall-In 2012

No... I'm not dead. I moved over the Summer, and as such, my hobby gear was packed up for quite some time. I have been working on a few projects within the past two months. I'll follow this post shortly with details on those. They are centered on US forces during the Bulge (i.e. Devil's Charge).

I attended Fall-In in Lancaster, PA yesterday to check out the FoW doubles tournament, as well as the flea market and vendor area. The tables that the I-95 gamers and WWPD guys put together were great! I thought they presented challenges to those playing, and were just down right good looking landscapes. Here are a few pics:


Objective Marker Commission

Here are a few pics of the 4th objective marker in the series for the NOVA gaming convention's Flames of War Tournament. Let me know what you think!



Here are a few custom objective markers that I was commissioned to create for the NOVA Open, Aug. 30th - Sept. 2nd held in Arlington, VA. They will be awarded as prizes for the Early War & Late War FoW tournaments. I have one other that I will post pics of, when finished. The Puma is still awaiting it's crew. Enjoy!