Model Bath Time & Progress

I'm ready to wash the models and then on to priming. Here are a few pics of my Dodge Command Car build before I prime it. The figure is from the Artillery HQ blister. I modified it by removing the stool he was sitting on and his feet; as well as removing a section of his torso (he sat up too high in the vehicle). Enjoy!


My Full (& Cluttered) Workbench

As you can see, I've got a lot of irons in the fire. What you see here will complete my Armored Field Artillery Battery (minus the command element), my Anti-Aircraft, and the units to make up a Tank Company (CiC, 2iC Dozer, 2nd 75mm Sherman Platoon & a 76mm Sherman Platoon). I've been working on individualizing the vehicles by adding details.

I've always had a love for the Dodge 3/4 -ton series of vehicles that the US produced during the war. I made a custom WC-54 Ambulance for one one of my objective markers last year. I decided to make a WC-56 Command Car for use on my field artillery staff team's base. Each battery had a command car set up with a large radio for receiving fire missions. So I chose to recreate that. I'll post some WIP pics soon.

Below is a picture, albeit a lousy one, of the 1942 WC-56 Command Car that I restored and had a blast owning a few years back. I still miss it! This pic shows the car before I installed the canvas top. Despite the date stamp, this was taken in 2003.