24-Hr. Iron Painter... & I'm Off!

I announced in my last post that I would be participating in my first marathon painting competition. My biggest challenge won't be staying awake, or even keeping a steady hand; It will come in the form of my bad back. I'm not sure that my back is up to the challenge. We'll see!

Just need to prime these before I head out.

In an attempt to break up the monotony, I'm going to post progress pics of my army throughout the 24-hr. competition. Check back for updates & wish me luck!

2 Hours In... doesn't look like much.
@ 4.5 hours... all bases base coated & now painting overcoats
9 hours in - OD layer ( helmets, field jackets, etc.)


  1. Looks good, keep it up! 24hr painting marathons are tough, best of luck to you!

  2. I threw in the towel at somewhere around 20.5 hours. Of course the back was hurting, but I just couldn't stay awake. I had even popped two bottles of 5-Hour Energy, and it did little to help. My work was not progressing fast enough, and I wasn't to sacrifice quality. I was the only one out of 28 entrants painting 15mm. Most were doing Warhammer 40K, or other genres at that scale. I had a really good time, and took some Christmas money to spend on FoW goodies. Thanks for the kind words, I'll post more pics soon.