My Full (& Cluttered) Workbench

As you can see, I've got a lot of irons in the fire. What you see here will complete my Armored Field Artillery Battery (minus the command element), my Anti-Aircraft, and the units to make up a Tank Company (CiC, 2iC Dozer, 2nd 75mm Sherman Platoon & a 76mm Sherman Platoon). I've been working on individualizing the vehicles by adding details.

I've always had a love for the Dodge 3/4 -ton series of vehicles that the US produced during the war. I made a custom WC-54 Ambulance for one one of my objective markers last year. I decided to make a WC-56 Command Car for use on my field artillery staff team's base. Each battery had a command car set up with a large radio for receiving fire missions. So I chose to recreate that. I'll post some WIP pics soon.

Below is a picture, albeit a lousy one, of the 1942 WC-56 Command Car that I restored and had a blast owning a few years back. I still miss it! This pic shows the car before I installed the canvas top. Despite the date stamp, this was taken in 2003.


  1. How are you liking the PSC Shermans?

  2. The PSC Shermans are a little bit smaller in scale than the Battlefront models, but it doesn't bother me. The only detraction was the assembly of the tracks. They were a little tricky to assemble.

  3. >The only detraction was the assembly of the tracks. They >were a little tricky to assemble.
    As with the Pz.Kw.IV, which are also great models.

    That's a huge pile of armour you have there! I appreciate your effort in putting kind of a personal note on the vehicles.
    I just did something similar in a much smaller number(which is 1 actually :D)


  4. Thanks for all the kind input! I took a break from modelling last night to win a 5-2 victory over a Panzer Grenadier company (CV) last night with my 6th Armored AR company (CT)! I rocked his Jagdpanthers with my M18's and annihalated his Mk IV's with my Shermans! Good times!

  5. Hi, my name is hugo im from portugal, and i love your objectives. i have a question to you the white stuf in your Command Car what material is?


  6. Hi Hugo, thanks for posting your kind words! The whit stuff is thin styrene (plastic card) available here in the US in sheets in hobby shops. I use a combination of styrene, green stuff putty and thin wood to customize my models. Cheers!