NOVA Objective Markers - DONE!

  After spending entirely too much time finishing the fourth and final marker (Clubmobile), Scott of the NOVA Open team was able to pry it from my hands along with the other three. Scott has graciously shared with me the pics he took, which are vastly better than ones I am capable of with my phone cam. Many thanks to Scott, Laurie & the rest of their team for giving me the chance once again to be a part the NOVA Open, even in this small way.

  I feel a great sense of accomplishment, now having completed the four markers. A lot of research and work went into them. I hope their winners will appreciate them as much as I enjoyed creating them. With these done, and the kids going back to school next week, I'm fired up to get cracking on my personal FoW projects!

All the best!


  1. Stellar work as always. Many thanks!

  2. Excellent objectives. I like them all. Each of them seems to have a story.