Flames of War

In my search for more information on Warhammer 40k for my son, I discovered the WWII miniatures wargame, Flames of War. It's been a really long time since I wargamed or painted miniatures; and I've had a lot of other hobbies over the years. To be honest, I can't wait to get involved and start building an army! I attended "Fall In" (an annual wargaming convention) held in Lancaster, PA a couple of weeks ago. My mission was to find out more about Flames of War (and I suppose Warhammer 40K). Although I wasn't able to find any of the scheduled games amongst a sea of Incas, Prussians, Samurai and Space Marines, I did find the Flames of War US distributor. After a friendly greeting and entertaining my noob questions, I ran through a battle with one of their reps. Never mind that we were both fielding Mother Russia's finest... I had a blast! The game mechanics are pretty simple, and I'm sure Joe took it easy on me. I won our 40 minute skirmish by capturing one of the objectives and contesting the other. I picked up the "Fortress Europe" book as an early birthday present. This will help me configure a late war list in order to play. I'm still undecided as to whether I want to field Americans or Canadians. I'm considering Canadians simply for something outside my normal realm of interest - WWII US Army. Any suggestions from experienced gamers would be welcome.

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