From the field hospital to the front...

I've been AWOL due to hand, wrist and elbow surgery for a little more than a month.

I'm finally updating my blog with shots of some FoW projects completed before my surgery, as well as a few things I've just recently started. As always, comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

I love Green Stuff Putty! Most of my vehicles get some sort of putty customization.

Need more putty!

Armored Mortar command half-track & 3rd mortar carrier

A few of the MANY Jeeps to fill various roles.

1st Platoon commander with custom putty lightweight overcoat
1st Platoon

1st Platoon's Half-Track's dismounted .50 cal. MG's

1st Platoon's Half-Track's dismounted .30 cal. MG's

My favorite stand that I've completed thus far.

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  1. Looking good ... I hope the healing is going well !