6th AD battle-tested... at last

Even though I don't have my entire force (I need a second armored infantry platoon, among other troops), I was able to play my first game using my own forces. My gaming store of choice is http://huzzahhobbies.com/ in Ashburn, VA. It's a little bit of a hike, but everyone is super friendly and the store is well-stocked.

Tonight was my US 6th Armored Division vs. well... an American Armored Infantry opponent (Matt). The lists were virtually identical, and provisions had to be made for my lack of required units.

I fielded:
Co. HQ
Armored Infantry Platoon  x1
Medium Tank Platoon (M4A1 75mm x3)
Assault Gun Platoon (M8 HMC  x2)
Armored Mortar Platoon (Command Half-Track + MMC  x2)

Not a "by-the-book" list, but I played the cards I was dealt. Matt was very patient and a lot of fun to play against. My M8 HMC's were knocked out quickly by his infantry, but my mortars made them pay dearly throughout the game. Matt attempted to swing around with his M8's (X2) and Shermans (x3) and flank my disembarked infantry as they were crossing bocage. My Shermans came to the rescue, losing 1 tank. My 2 remaining Shermans and 4 Bazookas knocked out all 3 of his Shermans in one turn! To wrap up... I lost a couple of infantry stands, my Mortar CO, and my entire Company HQ. The Company HQ fell victim to Matt's M8 HMC daredevils that raided deep into my territory. To end the game, I won when Matt failed his motivation roll after losing several platoons.

A lot of fun, but I have a lot to learn!

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