Objective Markers & AOP

Here are a few shots of my completed objective markers and AOP. For the Red Ball Express marker, I modified the GMC 2-1/2 ton truck by carving out the driver's compartment and adding a driver figure. The military police motorcycle isn't a Battlefront model, (I can't recall the manufacturer). The "Ambulance with flat tire" marker features a highly modified Battlefront Dodge M6 37mm Gun Motor Carriage http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=55&search=m6 .

Enjoy, and please share your thoughts/critiques.


  1. Top-notch! wow.
    That MP with his bike is too cool.
    How do you do your invasion stripes?
    I have three typhoons and two aop's .
    kinda nervous about it.
    i've stripped them all once and some twice. Then i really sanded them so the paint would bind.
    i'm glad the Brititish aop is all metal, tho it makes a very top-heavy model.

  2. Thanks for the compliments! Nothing special with my painting method for invasion stripes. I just patiently free-handed them with a flat brush.

  3. I really like your stuff, it is tremendous.

    I need to stared playing around with green stuff, I have been putting it off, but you are showing me how much the models can be improved.

    Some of my (incredibly rubbish, compared to this) stuff can be seen at
    Http://shortattentionspangaming.wordpress.com if you need a laugh.

    One minor thing. I've played FoW a fair but now, and have started to fine that objective markers have the gaming need, if you will, to have tanks and stuff placed directly on them. While your objectives are great, you might consider bringing just a large base also, to sub for them if needed.

    Just a thought