I can't wait to post pics!

My digital camera is on the fritz, and right now, it's not high on the priority list. It's a shame, because I've made a lot of progress on my LW US Armored Rifle army. My second Armored Rifle Platoon is based, with much of the painting completed. Their half-tracks are finished as well. I have finished two objective markers which I am very pleased with the results. My AOP Grasshopper is done. I am starting the process of adding mud/dirt weathering to my vehicles also. Not to mention, I've been helping my son finish painting his first 40K army.

As you can see, the old Rhinexing workbench has been pretty busy. I also participated in my first FoW tournament. I had a great time, but my finish was less than stellar.

I will post pics as soon as I'm able.

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