A rare behind the scenes look... LOL!

I'm really terrible about taking "work-in-progress" shots, skipping to the final product. I thought I would remedy that by blogging along the way while completing my Artillery Observation Sherman Tank. For variety I went with an M4 (welded hull), as opposed to the M4A1's (cast hull) that make up my Medium Tank Platoon. This will help me distinguish the observation tank from the others easily.

For starters, I used a spare figure from another blister for the tank commander. I repositioned his arms and head. After the kit was assembled, I went to work with my normal detailing. I used a piece of 26 gauge wire for the hull MG. This is available on spools at most craft or sewing stores. I may fashion a tow cable out of it as well. The wooden timber on the front is a thinned down toothpick. The crates are made from a wooden coffee stir. I used green stuff to fix a defect in the gun mantlet casting, and to make the camo netting, bed rolls and musette bags. The holes in the camo netting are made with the gum massage part of an old toothbrush, and enhanced with the tip of an X-acto.

More to come...

Please let me know what you think!

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