Fire For Effect!

  During a successful trip to Fall-In in Lancaster, PA a few weeks ago, I went with little money, but was able to pick up quite a few reasonably priced FoW finds. I started gathering the men and equipment to form my Armored Field Artillery Battery to compliment my Armored Infantry Company. I only held onto a couple of the items I bought, as it was strongly suggested by the wife that the remainder be put up for my birthday and Christmas.

  No problem, as I have plenty of other projects to complete. My Jeeps will definitely look better with crews in them. No more 1940's driver-less "Knight Rider" in my company! I also added static grass to all of my bases. In error, I had only used flocking on them previously. I'm very happy with the results. It really livens up the bases nicely.

   Here are a few pics of the two M7 Priests that didn't make it into my Christmas stocking. They are finished except for the MG's, crew and matte finish.  The GMC truck in the background is my test dummy for paints and finishes. Enjoy!

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  1. They look great. I like the extra stowage as well.