The Italians are coming! ... and other stuff

I enjoyed a great "Flames of War" Birthday. I was given money to buy myself something, and I recently sold my N-Scale train collection. That all equals a FoW shopping spree! I'm also getting 2 Priests, M2 Half Track and the Hellfire and Back book for Christmas (shhh... it's supposed to be a surprise). Here's what I picked up:

- M7 Priest (x2)
- US Artillery Staff Team
- Sherman Dozer
- M4A3 Sherman (x2)
- SSgt. Lafayette Pool
- Plastic Soldier Company 76mm Sherman Boxed Set
- M15 AA Half Track
- M16 AA Half Track
- North Africa Paint Set
- Rare Earth Magnets (for turrets)
- Citadel Matte Spray


-Italian 75/27 Cannon Platoon

With the purchase of the American equipment, that should wrap up my late war purchases for a while. This will give me the option of fielding a Medium Tank Company, instead of the Armored Rifle Company that I always take.

The 75/27 Cannon Platoon is the start of my early war Carri Company. I'm really looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone, that is the American Army.

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