I'll see you on the beach

I played in my first Flames of War "Total War" game yesterday, and had a blast. We played on a 4'W x 12'L table. I took a few pics (mostly before the battle), & thought I'd share them with you. There were five players all told. I commanded a rifle company (boat teams, 1st ID, conf. vet), there were two other American players, one with a tank company (landed on the beach with me), and glider-borne company that landed at the far end of the board in an attempt to secure the town. The Germans had one player that was mostly defending the beaches and bocage with infantry and artillery, while the other commanded Fallschirmjägers that defended the town.

This was the most fun I've ever had playing the game! Enjoy the the pics!


  1. Smashing looking table! Sounds like super fun stuff too.

  2. Big games can be lots of fun. That's a very cool looking table set up.